How Many Bundles will I need?

Full Sewins & Closures: lengths ranging 12-16 inches 2 bundles are recommended. For 18-30 inches 3-4 bundles are recommended.

Frontal Install: lengths ranging 12-24 inches 3 bundles are recommended. For 26-30 4+ bundles are recommended

What Colors do The Extensions Come in?

Our extensions range from shades of natural brown to black.

However, we do offer coloring services where you can go to the "Hair Services" page, click "Bleaching & Coloring Services" choose which coloring service you desire, then in the comment section tell us what specific color you desire.

You can also email us a picture of your desired look at SlaySociety@yahoo.com.

Can the Extensions be Straightened, Curled and Colored?

Yes, our hair is 100% unprocessed virgin human hair, therefore it has the ability to do all the above.

How Long Will the Hair Last?

Our Black Diamond Collection is capable of lasting a minimum of 2+ years or depending on how well you take care of your extensions. Our Pink Diamond Collection lasts for a minimum of 3 years or more. For hair care instructions and tips, visit our "Hair Care" section.

Should I Wash my Extensions After I Receive it?

Washing your extensions once you receive them is not necessary because once they are cut from the donor they are both washed and conditioned.

The Black Diamond Collection vs The Pink Diamond Collection

The Black Diamond Collection is 100% Southeast Asian Virgin Hair. Each bundle of Virgin Hair is composed by cutting hair from two or more different donors, steaming it without the use of chemicals and wefting it. Most factories steam process hair to achieve different textures to appeal to consumers. This DOES NOT mean the quality of hair is bad. This process is simply done to allow the consumer more options with the look they're trying to achieve. Therefore, our 100% Virgin Hair lasts a minimum of 2 years. So if you love hair that is low maintenanance and comes in several different textures, then The Black Diamond Collection is for you! The Pink Diamond Collection is 100% RAW Virgin Hair sourced from countries such as, Vietnam and India. Each bundle of Raw Virgin Hair is composed buy cutting hair from a single donor and wefting it. Therefore, this means no alterations. NO CHEMICALS. NO STEAM. However, some companies do steam raw hair, so you can have the option to wear single donor hair, but in different textures.The RAW hair we offer comes in 3 different natural textures: Vietnamese Straight, Indian Wavy and Indian Curly. Note: due to the hair being unprocessed this hair mimics your own natural hair, in which you have to treat it like such. Lasts a minimum of 3 years. If you prefer a higher hair that has no processing whatsoever and esembles ethnic tresses then, The Pink Diamond Collection is for you!